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UK construction

UK construction reports fastest rise for almost five years

The UK construction industry is showing signs of strengthening recovery as it sees its fastest rise in output for almost five years.

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TRACER Replacement Leads

How to replace a Deep Hole Pencil lead

With our TRACER replacement leads, your Deep Hole Pencil will always feel like new. Learn how to replace your Deep Hole Pencil lead.

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Stay safe on site

Staying Safe on Site

We have summarised the key points from the latest Business Support campaign to help you and your workers stay safe on site.

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Deep Hole Pencil

Why you need a Deep Hole Pencil

How many times have you gone to mark through a hole only to find your pencil doesn’t fit? Find out how the Deep Hole Pencil will solve all of your deep hole marking challenges.

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How much do you know about plumbing?

Find out if you’re ready to break out the wrenches yourself or if you should call an expert in our ultimate quiz.

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TRACER Clog Free Marker

How to mark over dusty surfaces without ruining your marker

When faced with situations where marking on a dusty surface is required, disaster can strike very quickly. But not anymore as TRACER have developed a construction marker that makes light work of a traditionally tricky situation.

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How Much Do You Know About Carpentry?

Calling all carpentry experts! It’s time to show off your carpentry skills in our ultimate quiz.

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Covid-19 and mental health

Mental Health and Covid-19

Although it’s important to stay informed about the Coronavirus, it’s just as important to support our wellbeing during such times.

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ACER rebrand

ACER announces exciting new rebrand

ACER has seen a continued growth across the UK and internationally. For this reason, it has become increasingly important to have a more relevant and …

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